By Scott Farley
Executive Director, MHSFCA

Detroit Area Coaches’ Lead Protest Rally

Many association members took part in a peaceful protest march in Detroit last week. This in response to calls for criminal justice reform in light of the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. See the link below for Detroit Free Press article on the march:

We as coaches, and as an association, are uniquely positioned to have a profound effect on change in our communities (and statewide) on issues of social justice. I would encourage you to have serious and open conversations with your staffs and teams about the issues we face in this country. Our fellow coaches and players face racial discrimination, inequitable treatment by the criminal justice system and systemic racism. We cannot be silent on these problems and must find ways to allow for African American players and coaches to have voices and to be heard. We need to be an integral part of solutions, not part of the problem by our silence and ignoring of them. Let’s begin real dialogue about ways we can make a difference!

Summer Rules – 2020

For a reminder of summer rules for 2020, see this link:

And this one for Northwest Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula:

Remember to socially distance (at least 6-feet apart) and follow protocols for hygiene, health checks, etc. Our season depends on it!

Also, remember that the rule change to 15 dates of football activity, not limited to seven players, begins in summer 2021!

MHSFCA Online Clinics Have Been a Huge Success

A huge shout out to coach Kyle McElvany for his leadership in putting together an Online Coaches’ Clinic series this spring. Lots of great topics and speakers! Check out all the clinics available at the link below:

Virtual All Star Game

Due to the cancelation of our annual East-West All Star Game, a social media simulated game was held Saturday May 30. Congrats to All Star Chairman Brian Lemons and his committee for their work selecting the teams and finding a creative way to keep the game alive. A huge thank you to State Champs for their important partnership and excellent work on the simulated game project!

More than 400 Head Coaches Attend Zoom Meeting on Re-opening Rules

Thank you to the head coaches who took part in the meeting last Wednesday to present and clarify the MHSAA reopening rules.
Brad Bush (MHSAA Liaison) and Andrew Pratley (MHSFCA President) did a fantastic job presenting!

Contact me anytime with issues or concerns.

Scott Farley
MHSFCA Executive Director