General FAQs

MHSFCA Membership: Why join the MHSFCA?

If you’re an active football coach at the high school or middle school level, there are many benefits to joining our association. Click Join for more information.

How can I join the MHSFCA?

There are two ways to join the MHSFCA. The first, is to join online. Go to the Membership tab and click on Join MHSFCA. You will fill out the information form and be given two choices in paying for your membership (Pay online with a credit card, or use the Purchase Order option to mail in a check). The second way to join is to download the form. Fill it out and mail it in.

Membership goes from January 1st – December 31st of each year.

Lifetime memberships

Last year I thought I remember seeing a lifetime membership offered to those w/ 20 years of service. I now have 20 years of service but don’t see that offered. Has it been eliminated? Was I mistaken? Maybe that was never offered.

I thought I was told our membership card allows us to get into high school football games at no charge? just checking, Thanks
Lifetime Membership to the MHSFCA has never allowed access to high school football games. Lifetime membership does allow you free registration at our annual clinic.

Games and scrimmages wanted

I’d like to post a couple of games on the Games / Scrimmages Wanted site. Can I get enter both games on the same post?

The answer is no. Each game has to be entered onto the Games / Scrimmages Wanted site individually. However, the good news is, most of the your information will be entered automatically. The school, class side, school address, and region are automatically filled in when you go to the site. Entering games and scrimmages is easy and quick.

How do I apply my team/players for Academic All State awards?

Head Coaches should have received an email with a link to all award nomination forms. If not, contact Marcus Dukes at and request the link.

Can you send me a link to post our head football coaching position, or can I send you our link for the posting?

Send all information that you want posted to Marcus Dukes at He will take care of posting it on our Website’s Job Board.

Job Board or Classified Board

How do I get a job posted on the job board/classified board?

If you go to the job board page there will be instructions on what information to provide and who to send that information to via email.

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