The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association (MHSFCA) has been devoted to the promotion of high school football since it’s inception in March of 1972. Because of the MHSFCA’s prompting, Michigan instituted a high school playoff system in 1975. We continue to work with the MHSAA to refine the playoffs.

In keeping with our goal of promoting high school football, the MHSFCA provides several awards for coaches, teams and schools to recognize their achievements.

These include:

  • Academic All State Team and Individual recognition
  • Scholarships for student-athletes
  • Coach of the Year Awards for coaches in our 18 Regions
  • State Coach of the Year for each of the 8 Divisions and 8 Man Teams,
  • Honorary Membership Awards for contributions of key people to local programs
  • Assistant Coach of the Year Awards
  • Women of the Year Awards for coaches wives who have contributed to their local programs and to the MHSFCA
  • Team Leadership Awards
  • Community Service Reading Awards for teams who send members to elementary schools to act as roll models
  • Hall of Fame recognition for coaches who have dedicated many years of service to high school football and have achieved high levels of success

The association also provides:

  • An annual showcase for the best football players and coaches in the state with our East West All Star Game, played on a college campus each June.
  • An annual clinic for coaches at all levels to provide the most current information in all areas of coaching and keep coaches up-to-date on the best practices available to keep their athletes safe and healthy and prepared to perform at their peek.
  • An Annual Leadership Conference for coaches and potential team captains to refine their leadership skills.
  • Recruiting Fairs and seminars to help coaches open opportunities for their student athletes to continue their participation in football at the college level
  • A jobs board to help coaches advance in their profession

Membership in the MHSFCA includes membership in the Michigan High School Coaches Association, which includes insurance covering both on-the-field and in-the-classroom events.

The MHSFCA also encourages members to join the American Football Coaches Association and to take advantage of their extensive educational opportunities.