Executive Director’s Blog – March 2020

INTRODUCTION: Instead of a quarterly newsletter, the MHSFCA will produce a biweekly “blog” to keep members updated on MHSFCA events and issues. We hope this will be more readable, accessible and timely for all members. Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions and concerns regarding the association! Scott Farley – Executive Director (jhighfootball@gmail.com)


See Banquet Recap.


This event took place on Saturday, February 8th at Detroit Country Day HS. Over 80 players participated in this event, which was part combine and part football practice. 110+ players registered, though the difficult winter weather kept a few guys home. In addition, nearly 30 colleges were represented, helping to make it a beneficial experience for players and college coaches. Rob Zimmerman (HV at Dewitt) and his crew did a fantastic job organizing the day. A huge thank you to Phil Camp of Houston, Texas and Mel Farr Jr. for their assistance in making this event a great success, one that is sure to become an annual event!


PROPOSAL #1: 5-Quarter Rule (This proposal passed the MHSAA Football Committee and will be voted on by their Representative Council)


  • 9th-12th grade student is limited to playing:
  • A maximum of four quarters in one day.
  • A maximum of 5 quarters per week

Any player who participates in two or more consecutive downs in one quarter shall be charged with one quarter of play. A down in which the offensive team is in a scrimmage kick formation or a free kick occurs does not count in the quarter limitation. A down repeated due to penalty does not count.

RATIONALE: Schools would be better able to maintain lower level programs by allowing “sub-varsity” players to have a role on the varsity, or vice versa. This change would mirror the rule in Ohio.

PROPOSAL #2: Allow / Encourage schools to have JV-A & JV-B teams, rather than Freshmen/JV Teams (This proposal is moot, as the MHSAA does not dictate sub-varsity playing protocal. Leagues / schools may choose to do this voluntarily. Some already are.

JV-A teams could include players from grades 9-11, while JV-B teams should be limited to students in grades 9-10.

  • RATIONALE: This would enable schools to maintain three levels in their football programs and build participation numbers for the future.
  • PROPOSAL #3: Change the summer rules for football (This proposal passed theMHSAA Football Committee and will be voted on by their Representative Council)
  • Allow schools to have 15 dates of contact with an unlimited number of players (in helmets only). Schools could use these dates as they see fit (ie, practice, 7 on 7, etc.).
  • RATIONALE: Schools would not be forced to run a “camp” to work with players in the summer (consistent with rules for other sports). It is important to note that this is actually a reduction in allowable contact time from the current 17 dates (ten camp days and seven 7 on 7 dates), to 15 dates. This is still more restrictive than the rules for summer contact in other sports and simplifies the current rule.

PROPOSAL # 4: Increase the number of players a school coach can work with in the off-season (This proposal passed the MHSAA Football Committee and will be voted on by their Representative Council)

Increase this number from 4 to 8.

  • RATIONALE: This is more proportional to the number of players that participate in a game compared to other sports (ie, 11 players in football vs 5 players in basketball, etc.)


The Lansing Center was again the site of the MHSFCA Coaches’ Clinic January 16-18. A great line up of speakers was available for coaches (including 8-man coaches) to learn from. Tom Allen (Indiana), Jim Harbaugh (Michigan), Ron Burton (MSU), Tony Annesse (Ferris State) and Peter Stuursma (Hope College) highlighted a speaker lineup of HS and college coaches from throughout the Midwest. A great series of live demonstrations was also a highlight of this year;s clinic,

A huge thank you to Jerry Rabideau and his clinic committee for their tireless work putting on one of the premier HS coaches’ clinics in America, Over 1700 coaches preregistered and over 1100 attended this year’s clinic. Also, a big thank you to the Lansing Visitors’ Bureau and the Radisson Hotel for being fantastic hosts!


The MHSFCA, in partnership with the National Football Foundation, honored twenty-two of the top players in the state on January 18 at the Dream Banquet at the Lansing Center. Jim Ahern of Lansing Catholic Central was also recognized as the Dream Tea Coach for 2019. Alvin Glick was named as the 2019 Distinguished American by the NFF.

The MHSFCA is grateful for our partnership with the NFF and look forward to continuing our involvement with this great and longstanding tradition with them.


This April, the association will be changing the method of recognizing regions for our association. Regions will be set up in classification divisions, instead of conferences, as is currently the case. Once we get division breakdowns from the MHSAA, we will seek nominations for regional director positions and conduct elections in ALL regions. Be on the lookout for emails from the association on this. We are always looking for new coaches to step up and join our Board of Directors and here your chance to do so. A regional director “job description” is attached.