Wall of Fame at Michigan Stadium

The Michigan High School Football Coaches Association opened its “Wall of Fame” at the University of Michigan Stadium in October 2010. The Wall of Fame displays each class of Hall of Fame Coaches and on individual plaques, the current inductees. Tonight’s inductees’ plaques will be hung later this spring to replace those inducted last year. In the spring of 2012, after one year of having this years inductees’ plaques displayed for the entire Michigan Wolverine’s football season, our current inductees’ plaques will be taken down, mounted on a wood backing and delivered to tonight’s new Hall of Fame members. The wall also features the names of the “Gold Brick” schools, whose contributions helped to make the Wall of Fame a reality. Find the Wall of Fame on the inside of the South East Tower (nearest Chrisler Arena) at the stadium.

Opening Day, Wall of Fame at Michigan Stadium
The Wall of Fame at Michigan Stadium – “Opening Day.” Steve Wilson, 2010. MHSFCA President: Larry Merx, Executive Director; Jack Carlson, Historian; Chuck Ritter, Hall of Fame Chair; Tom Fagan, Past Chair Hall of Fame Committee.
Joe Austin standing next to his Wall of Fame plaque
Joe Austin, 2010 Hall of Fame inductee and his Wall of Fame plaque at the Wall of Fame Opening Day event, 7 October 2010