Dunson, Vito2006 All Star East

Vito Dunson
Defensive Back
6’ 175 lbs.
High School Coach: Tom Mall
High School: Taylor Kennedy, A
College: Undeclared

As a nine year old, Vito began his football career as a River Rouge Panther, playing on the team until he was in the ninth grade. He played football at Kennedy High School for four years on varsity. Vito is very proud of his accomplishments on the field and in the classroom. He was awarded First Team All Area, First Team All League and Honorable Mention Metro West.

Vito continues to be an athlete when football season is over. During his high school career he ran track and played basketball. As a senior he was the starting center on the basketball team.

Vito thanked his mother and father “for never letting up” and his friends and family “for all their support and inspiration.” His siblings also motivate him, as they “give me a reason to set a good example as a role model.” Vito said, I am grateful that my coaches demanded 100% as they taught me, ‘if you’re going to do something, do it because you love it and not because it is something to do.’” The most valuable life lesson he learned from his coaches was, “If you really love it, give it your all from whistle to whistle.”

All League 1st Team, 2005
All Area 1st Team, 2005
All Metro West, 2005