Benson, Tyler2009 All Star

Tyler Benson
6’2″ 235 lbs.
High School Coach: Chris Bell
High School, Class: Lake Orion, A
College: Undeclared

Tyler began playing roller hockey at age four. He played roller hockey and soccer throughout his youth but always loved backyard football. Tyler began playing on an organized team in the seventh grade at Waldon Middle School in Lake Orion. He played several different positions before settling in at center in ninth grade. He started at center his freshman and JV years, getting pulled up to varsity his sophomore year for the playoffs. Playing center helped Tyler develop leadership skills “making line calls and snap decisions”. Coach Chris Bell referred to Tyler as “a coach on the field” as he lead the offense to over 3,000 rushing yards last fall. Tyler was voted a team Captain his senior year and helped his team earn Lake Orion’s first ever appearance at Ford Field. Tyler’s senior football awards include Offensive MVP and the “Dragon Award” which is given to two players who exhibit, “outstanding leadership and exemplary character”.

Tyler became a Lake Orion wrestler in eighth grade and continued to wrestle throughout his high school career. Wrestling helped Tyler improve his stance, quickness, and agility on the line. He wrestled heavyweight his junior and senior years often beating opponents 30-40 pounds heavier than himself. He helped his team make it to the state finals in Battle Creek both his junior and senior years.

Tyler said, “I thank my parents, grandparents, family and friends for all the support that they have given me throughout the years. I also thank the Lake Orion coaching staff as they have taught me that football is more than just a game – to stay strong and persevere and to make every minute count.” He also thanked his teammates, “especially my fellow offensive ‘HOG’ linemen for becoming my extended family for the last four years!” Tyler thanked the Lake Orion Community for “the awesome support that was given to our football team”. He included, “a huge thank you to the Lake Orion PEPP club for all the love, support, and FOOD that was generously provided during my high school career.”


Oakland Athletic Association Scholar Athlete, 2008
OAA Red 1st Team, Oakland Press, 2008
All County 1st Team, Detroit News, 2008
All Metro North 1st Team, Detroit News, 2008
All Metro 1st Team, Detroit Free Press, 2008
All State 1st Team, Detroit News, 2008