Garret2007 All Star West

Tory Garrett
Defensive Back
5’10″ 150 lbs.
High School Coach: James L. Hurd
High School: Flint Central, A
College: Undeclared

In middle school Tory came under the influence of football and Coach Jackson. “He is a great man and wonderful mentor. He has been very supportive and helped me work on my football skills, to stay focused and to stay out of trouble.” Tory said, “I am greatful that in high school Coach James Hurd also became a great mentor and taught me much more about the game of football and the game of life.”

Tory thanked “all the people who have been instrumental in guiding me, my mother, brother, sister and my coaches.”


All City, 2005 & 2006
All Valley Defensive Back 2nd Team, 2005
All Valley 1st Team Defensive Back, 2006
Top 100 Recruit, ESPN, 2006