Lippett,TonyAll Star East 2010

Tony Lippett
Wide Receiver
6’3″ 188
High School Coach: Rod Oden
High School, Class: Detroit Crockett, B
College: Undeclared

He enjoyed great success in elementary and middle school first on the basketball court and then on the football field. “I came to enjoy how good I felt about myself when I competed in sports.” In his first year of high school, Tony played football in the local Police Athletic League (PAL). As a sophomore he was the starting quarterback at Crockett.  The football coaches required all football players to participate in track and field for conditioning purposes. Tony said, “I quickly recognized how track could help to improve my skills and abilities in both football and basketball.”  In track Tony was 2nd in the 200 meter sprints in the city and the 4th in the state as a junior. 

Tony has participated in community service activities in school, in church, and in the community including membership in the Young Men of Excellence, an organization that mentors and supports young men.

Lippett, Tony