1st Assistant Tim Sanchez

2016 All Stars – West Team

Sanchez, Tim Coach

Grayling High School

Coach Tim Sanchez graduated from Shepherd High School in 1999.  He started coaching the next year at Shepherd and continued there until he graduated from Central Michigan University.  He was hired at Grayling High School where he has coached since 2004.  Sanchez was able to coach with his brother, Ben Brock, for the first five years in Grayling.  When his brother moved on to become a principal in a different school district, Coach Sanchez became the head coach starting in 2009.

In his seven years as the head coach at Grayling, Coach Sanchez has been named Regional Coach of the Year four times (2010-2013), Weekly Choice Coach of the Year three times (2010, 2012, 2013), and his team has won two League Championships.

“I’ve been blessed to have been given early opportunities by some great people.  Coaches Gene and Glen Hackney were outstanding mentors at Shepherd, and gave me a shot as a volunteer assistant straight out of high school.  James Nelson gave me a chance to coach varsity just a few years later.  Grayling then provided my brother and I tremendous administrative support as two young guys right out of college.  All along the way I have been able to work with some unbelievably high-quality coaches that have always wanted to do what’s best for the kids. I’m also extremely lucky to have a beautiful, supportive wife at home.”

Coach Sanchez is currently the Assistant Principal and Head Football Coach at Grayling High School.  He and his wife, Lila, have 3 daughters, Eliana (5), Leticia (8), and Abelina (10).