Chester2007 All Star East

Stephen Chester
Defensive Line
6’4″ 270 lbs.
High School Coach: DeWuane Jones
High School: Redford Covenant, D
College: Northwood University

Stephen has played football for ten years starting at age seven for the Northeast Detroit Shamrocks. After taking a one year hiatus from football he began playing basketball for Conner Creek East High school where he averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds a game.

After leaving Conner Creek, Stephen transferred to Redford Covenant where he started for the Covenant Spartans football team. On offense he played tackle and on defense he played on the defensive line and at middle linebacker. He was the team captain. Stephen led his team with 91 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, and 9 sacks. Which earned him the nickname, Big Demon. He said, “When I play football it feels like I am possessed.”

Stephen earned All State, All Conference, and Dream Team honors for his play. He was also MVP of his 05-06 football team and defensive player of the year.

Stephen thanked his family, his mother, father grandparents and especially his Gramms (Laverne Buck) for, “all their encouragement, hard work, positive influence and teaching me how to remain humble.” He gave a “special thank you” to all his football and basketball teammates, and his coaches for, “believing in me and helping me to develop my skills.”


All State, 2006
All Conference, 2006
Dream Team, 2006