McFadden, Sawyer

2012 West #53

Sawyer McFadden


6’4″ 245

High School Coach: Al Slamer

High School: Holt, A

College: Wayne State University

Sawyer McFadden is the son of Danny McFadden and grandson of Doris McFadden. He has one brother, Maverick (14) and one sister, Elizabeth (5). 

Sawyer began playing football in the fourth grade. He played LB, DL, OL, and FB over the years. In elementary school he attended school and played football in Morenci, Michigan. He moved to Holt and played seventh and eighth grade football for the Jr. Rams. In high school he played OL, DL, and FB. His freshman year he broke his wrist and played “with a giant club on my hand.” After the club came off he led the team in sacks with 10. In his sophomore year, he was moved up for playoffs. During the playoffs he got to play in the Howell game in 2009, a 34-0 win. In his junior year he started and helped the rams to a 7-4 season, and earned Honorable Mention All Conference. His senior year he earned All Conference. He will attend Wayne State to play football.

At Holt, Sawyer was a part of the track team and the powerlifting team. 

Sawyer thanked, “my grandmother and aunt, they’ve helped me to become what I am today and to do my best at everything.” He thanked the Carpenter family, “They’ve been supporting me for the last three and a half years.  I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done.” He thanked, “all the families in the community that have let me stay with them since the end of my junior year, the Fischer’s, Stewards, and the Klisch families. They’ve helped me to do better in school and to never give up on anything I do.” He also thanked, “my coaches and teammates. The coaches have equipped me with the knowledge to do great things in both football and in life. My teammates never let me quit and were always there to have my back.”


Honorable Mention All Conference, 2010

All Conference, 2011