Newsome2008 All Star East

Ryan Newsome
Defensive Back
6’1″  190 lbs.
High School Coach: Ron Adams
High School, Class: Wyandotte Roosevelt, A
College: Undecided

Ryan started playing football at the age of eight. He had a natural ability when he played the game. He always had a good vision of the field and would make people miss the tackle. Ryan didn’t have great speed but he would get the job done one way or another. During his sophomore year the team suffered a 1-8 season. In his junior year they were 7-4 and was the third leading tackler on the team with 63 tackles. His senior year they went 9-2 and Ryan was the second leading tackler with 86 and was the leading rusher in the Mega Conference with 1601 yards. He also set a school record as a junior by scoring 26 touchdowns.

Ryan was also a three-year starter on the track team.

Ryan thanked his mom and dad for “always believing in me and always pushing me to do my best at what ever I tried.” He said “I will always look to them for their help.


All Metro West 1st team, 2007
All West 1st Team Offense, 2007
Dream Team, Detroit Free Press, 2007
All Conference, 2006
All West 2nd Team, 2006
All Metro West 2nd Team, 2006
All Conference Honorable Mention, 2005