2005 All Star East


Ronnell Hodges


6’3″ 280 lbs.

High School Coach: John Walker

High School: Troy Athens, A

College: Northwood University


Ronnell comes from a very athletic family. His father, Gregory, played football for his high school team. His mother, Cathy, played basketball, as did all of his uncles when they were in high school. His younger sister, Brittani, runs track and does gymnastics. Simone, his youngest sister, also does gymnastics. Ronnell started playing football at the age of nine and has been playing ever since. Ronnell also played basketball, baseball, and track and field during high school.


Ronnell thanked, “God for keeping me healthy and allowing me to participate in the great game of football.” He also thanked all of his teachers, coaches, and the people that supported him growing up. He gave a special thanks to his family, “for always supporting me in everything I do.” Ronnell said, “I am very appreciative for all the patience they showed me. I will be forever grateful.”


Ronnell will play for Northwood University in the fall.