2013 East All Stars – #76

Ray Williams

DSC05240Defensive Line

6’5″ 300 lbs

High School: Roseville, A

High School Coach: Melvin Richendollar

College: Undecided




Ray Williams played varsity football at Roseville since his freshman year. He started in twenty plus games in his football career and holds the record at RHS of eight sacks in one game. That record puts his total number of sacks at twenty last season. Coach Richendollar said, “Williams is a phenomenal player dedicated to improving his performance to be the best. His amount of tackles during his senior year, with ten tackles for losses, illustrates his capability as a valuable asset to his team.” 

Williams is currently unsigned and seeking an opportunity to continue the sport he loves with a continuing pursuit in academics. “Williams has a set of supportive parents, Aiyyeimah Haley and James Haley and two sisters. He has managed to balance sports and his academics successfully with the support of his family and teachers. Ray is highly motivated to pursue his dreams.” said Coach Richendollar.