2011 Rabeah Beydoun


5’10″ 200

High School Coach: Fouad Zaban

High School: Dearborn Fordson, A

College: Grand Valley State University

Rabeah Beydoun, son of Linda and Mahmoud Beydoun, is one of two children. He’s the youngest with one older brother, Wasseem (22).

Rabeah started playing football at the age of eight for the Dearborn Lions. As an eighth grader with the Lions, Rabeah managed to break the league record rushing for 2758 yards and 28 touchdowns. As a freshman, Beydoun was moved up to junior varsity where he played running back, but moved back down to the freshman team. Rabeah’s sophomore year he was moved up to varsity towards the end of the season. That year the team finished 13-1, the best record in school history. As a junior, his success continued where he started as a defensive back. Numerous recognition was given to Rabeah as he set records at combines and college camps. In his senior year, as a captain, he showed his versatility by playing a number of positions which included running back, defensive back, safety, punter, punt returner and kick returner. The Tractors finished with a record of 8-3 with Rabeah rushing for nearly 2800 yards and 31 touchdowns on 173 carries. Rabeah broke the record at Fordson High School for most yards and touchdowns in a single season.

Rabeah thanked all his family members, teammates, friends, and coaches for his sporting career. “Most importantly, I thank my parents, Linda and Mahmoud, and my brother Wasseem for always being there for me. Without their support I doubt I’d be nearly as close to what I am now. I give thanks to Coaches Zaban, Tapp, Hamid, Abazid, Bazzi, Moe Bazzi, Osman, Delgiudice, Silver, Berry, Sabbagh and Mahar for helping me realize what I am capable of and how to always set my standards high and never settle for anything less than the best. I also thank the Fordson Athletic Department and Booster Club for their support.”

“One person I want to give a huge thank you to is Mohamed Hamid. He guided me through all the right paths in making right decisions about my football career. He took a huge time out of his work load and family to help me get to college camps and combines all over the country. With him not even being a part of the Fordson Football staff shows his dedication and how he really cared for me to be as successful as I could. So this special thank you goes out to Mohamed Hamid, thank you.”


All City 2010

All Conference, 2010

All League, 2010, 

All Academic, 2009 & 2010

Player of the Year, Dearborn Press and Guide, 2010  

All Metro West, 2010

All West 1st Team, 2010

All State Honorable Mention, 2010