Sijan2007 All Star East

Patrick Sijan
6’1″ 187 lbs.
High School Coach: Tab Kellepourey
High School: Novi, A
College: Northwood University

Patrick has not always played football. Before football he was passionate about soccer, playing for seven years in Germany. When  the family moved to the US in 1997 he still played soccer until he was 11. As a sophomore he was brought up to be the varsity football kicker. Novi won the conference (KVC) and their district. Patrick was the starting kicker for all three of his varsity years and started as a punter the last two years. He was named: All Metro, All State, twice All KVC and three-times All Area.

    Patrick thanked the Novi community for, “their outstanding support and encouragement through the years, and my teammates and coaches for their great work and dedication.” He said, “I especially thank my family, who have always been and continue to be there for me unconditionally.”


KVC Leading Kicker, 2005 & 2006
All Area, 2004, 05 & 06
All Metro, 2006
All State Division 2, 2006