Pat Kearney

Coach Kearney 2

Inducted: 1985

Ecorse High School

Deceased hall of famer Coach Patrick “Killer” Kearney (1929 to 1994) was addicted to sports in general and football in particular. The killer nom de plume came from his days in Plymouth, Michigan when he had a brief career as a semi-pro wrestler. Pat was a starter at Plymouth High School and then attended and played at Concord College in Athens West Virginia.

While on staff at Ecorse High School he coached football, basketball and football. Of course football was his passion. He not only enjoyed teaching the sport to young men but was also zealous about instilling in them high morals, discipline and commitment. Coach often went above and beyond when he would take young men to a college scholarship interview and put them up for the night at his own expense.

Coach Kearney passed away on a Friday in 1994 just hours before coaching a game at Johannesburg, Michigan.

God rest his soul.