Cyr, Norman

2012 East #90

Norman Cyr

Defensive Line

6’3″ 246

High School Coach: Eric Stiegel

High School, Class: Taylor Truman, A

College:  Undeclared


Norman is the son of Cynthia and Norman Cyr and younger brother to sisters Dawn, Melissa, Ladette and Joann. He lives with both parents in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. When not playing football, Norman enjoys working out and staying in shape. He plays track on the varsity level as well.


Norman was one of the top players at Harry S. Truman High School in Taylor, Michigan. He was a three year varsity starter. He first started playing football in seventh grade at Robichaud High School in Dearborn Heights. He continued playing at Robichaud his eighth grade year and freshman year. He switched schools to Truman after his ninth grade season. All six years in football, Norman started both sides of the ball playing the same positions, offensive right tackle and defensive tackle. He has received awards throughout his career. He had an outstanding senior year at both the offensive tackle position and at defensive tackle.


Norman said, “I’d like to thank my family for always being there for me, especially all of my sisters and my mom and dad. I’d really like to thank my brother-in-law Jerald for pushing me at the gym and giving me the mind-set I needed to dominate on the field and in the weight room. I want to thank my friends and of coarse my girlfriend, because they’re family too, for always being there in my life and helping me with everything. I’d like to thank a number of coaches through out my career such as Coach Stiegel for giving me the opportunity to play in the All-Star game and being one of the most outstanding coaches that I ever played for along with Coach Hicks for bringing that skill and ‘WIN-WIN’ mentality to practice, Coach Duda for always getting straight to work with showing us how to play savage yet smart on the d-line, Coach Rowe for showing us ‘Hogs’ how to straight up dominate the player in front of us, and all of the Truman Cougar football coaches and my teammates. I want to thank my track coach, Coach Corey, for telling me I can take football to the next level. For anyone that played a huge part in my life and I didn’t get to put on here, Thank You.”