Fradi, NoresAll Star East 2010

Nores Fradi
6’ 210
High School Coach: Dave Mifsud
High School, Class: Dearborn, A
College: Central Michigan University

Nores started playing football as an eighth grader in middle school. During his freshmen year at Dearborn High he really fell in love with the game. Nores was a varsity starting linebacker as a sophomore. During his three-year career he was the school’s single season and all-time leading tackler. He has the school career record of 313 total tackles. In addition, his senior year he also carried the ball as a running back, gaining over 600 yards and scoring 8 touchdowns. Nores was a two-time All State player including earning a spot on the Dream Team his senior year.

Nores also played basketball and ran track at Dearborn High. He was the leading re-bounder his senior year. Nores is also an avid weightlifter and spends a great deal of time training for football.

Nores thanked his high school head coach, Dave Mifsud for, “really helping out with everything. Ever since freshmen year, Coach has been there for everything and taken care of me like one of his own sons.” Nores also thanked former teammate Albert Saleh and Khalil Hazime for, “teaching me about leadership and helping motivate me.” Finally, Nores thanked his family for, “supporting me in everything and really being there throughout all of high school and giving me anything I ever asked for.”


All City, 2008 & 2009
All League, 2008 & 2009 
All Metro, 2008 & 2009 
All State 1st Team, 2008 & 2009 
All State Dream Team, Detroit Free Press &
Detroit News, 2009