Erber, Nathan2008 All Star East

Nate Erber
6’2″  260 lbs.
High School Coach: Bob Czaernecki
High School, Class: Trenton, B
College: Hope College

Nathan started playing football in seventh grade at Arthurs Middle School in Trenton. His love of the game continued into high school. At the high school level, Nathan played both offensive and defensive tackle. His senior year, Nate was elected team captain and Most Valuable Offensive Lineman. On defense, he had 53 tackles and one fumble recovery. Nathan stated, “The most important lesson of football I have gained is work ethic. The coaches have always pushed me to be the best that I can be and to never give up at something you love. Coach Czamecki has always pushed the team to be true men and showed us how football teaches us life lessons.”

Nathan has also been involved in varsity track, varsity wrestling and youth group at church. He has been on two mission trips, one to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and the other to London, England.

Nathan thanked “Everybody that has influenced my life and allowed me the opportunities to grow on and off of the football field. This list of people to thanks includes, but is not limited to, my parents, brothers, grandparents, coaches and many other friends.”

All Mega Conference White 1st Team, 2007
All Downriver, News-Herald, 2007
All-Metro West 2nd Team, Detroit Free Press, 2007
All Metro Honorable Mention, Detroit News, 2007
All State Honorable Mention, 2007