LunsfordPIX2007 All Star East

Miles Lunsford
Tight End
6’2″ 240 lbs.
High School Coach: Dave Schindler
High School: Clintondale, B
College: Undecided

Miles has been an outstanding athlete ever since he started playing. His first time playing was when he played for the River Rouge Panthers. He went on playing football for the Mt. Clemens Barracudas. He has always been one of the best football players on his team. In middle school he set records for the most sacks and the most tackles in a season. When he was in high school Miles played varsity at each school he attended but ended up finding his home at Clintondale and starting his junior year and senior years.

Miles also played basketball and track in high school. When he was little he played baseball, soccer, football, and basketball.

Miles thanked, “God for letting me play any sport because without him many things wouldn’t be possible.” He also thanked his parents and grandmother, “for pushing me to be a good player and always keeping me into sports.” He thanked his brother, Brandon, for teaching him everything he knows about the game and “getting on my case about how I played.” Miles also thanked, “all my friends for making the game fun and always giving me a challenge. Last but not least I would like to thank all my coaches for making me work hard. Without them I probably wouldn’t be as good as I am today.”