2011 Marquez Gollman


5’11″ 176

High School Coach: Jason Malloy

High School: Ypsilanti, A

College: Grand Valley State University

Marquez started playing football at the age of six with the Taylor Cobras in the Downriver Conference.He always played on both sides of the ball every game all game. Marquez said, “My family was the largest influence in the start of my career. I wanted to be a police officer but being in the family that I’m in I had no choice but to play football. I thank everyone who influenced me into playing football to this day.”

At Ypsilanti High School Marquez played basketball, football, and ran track. He was, “a little terrified when I was moved up to varsity because everyone was at least three times my size.”

In his sophomore year he went from being the “little scrub” freshman to leading the team in tackles and becoming the defensive Co-MVP. After leading the team in tackles and only getting Co-MVP, he was motivated in his junior year. He worked harder and at the end of the season ended up the Defensive MVP and also making first team All South Eastern Conference and All Area. Coach Malloy inspired Marquez to greater efforts and as a senior he was named Defensive MVP, Team MVP, All SEC, All Area, Dream Team, and All State.

“Throughout my whole career from being in little league until right now there has been that one person right there with his eyes on me, Uncle Marcus Hatch has always been on my back no matter what team I played for he was always my coach. Every time I even think about slacking off he’s right there. ‘Marquez don’t do it’ is the only thing he said.” Marquez also thanked Coach Malloy, “Without those two men in my life I wouldn’t be the football player/man I am today.” Coach Malloy “is the Most Valuable Coach of my career. He has instilled work ethics, commitment, and accountability in my life, he never gave up on me.” I also thank my step-father Larry Smith for “teaching me how to become a man and handle my business. Now because of those three men I can pursue my dream of going to the next level and playing football at Grand Valley State University.”


All South Eastern Conference, 2009 & 2010

All Area, 2009 & 2010

All Area Dream Team, 2010

All State, 2010