2005 All Star East


Mark Yassay


6’5″ 270 lbs.

High School Coach: Clint Alexander

High School: Northville, A

College: Hillsdale College


Mark played football in seventh grade before moving to Sweden.  No American football was available to him there, so he was eager to get back into the game when he returned and he played for the Northville Mustangs in his junior and senior years.  He is known as “Big Yas” and the “Iron Man” as he stands 6’5″, and weighs 270 pounds.  He was elected captain in his senior year and after a great deal of physical training and exceptional coaching he played an outstanding season.  Mark earned and was awarded All Area, All Conference, All Metro-West, and All State.  These titles earned him college recognition and he chose to continue his football career while attending Hillsdale College and he looks forward to being a Charger.  He plans to major in business and pursue a graduate program in law.


In addition to playing football Mark was a co-leader for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a member of the National Honor Society, and a fundraising captain for the American Cancer Society.


Mark was interviewed by the local newspaper and was quoted as saying “I am just a piece of the machine.”  He thanked his teammates for making it possible to play in the All Star Game.  He thanked his coaching staff, especially Coach Alexander (head coach) and Coach Drake (strength training coach) for their support, dedication and encouragement throughout the season.  They welcomed him into the program and groomed him into what he became.  He also thanked his family and friends for their love and support while cheering him on and keeping him going.  He believes “I am what I am, because of them.”




All Area

All Western Lakes Athletics Association

All Metro West

All State Division I

All State Academic