Berden, Marck2009 All Star

Marck Berden
Defensive Back
6’ 185 lbs.
High School Coach: Richard Bell
High School, Class: Swan Valley, B
College: Saginaw Valley State University

Marck began playing football when he was in the fourth grade and has played ever since, he played on the freshman team for half the season and was later moved up to junior varsity. In his sophomore year he started playing on the varsity team as a running back and defensive back. As a senior, Marck accounted for over 1700 yards rushing in just ten games, making him one of the top running backs in school history.

Marck also played four years of basketball and four years of track. and was all state in track and the 2006 state champion long jumper

Marck thanked all his coaches, “that have helped me be a better athlete and a better person.” He thanked his parents, “for saving me from the bad life in Haiti.” Marck concluded by saying, “thanks to everyone in the Swan Valley School District who supported me and my team through the years.”


All Conference 1st Team Defensive Back, 2007
Conference Running 1st Team Back, 2008
All Area Dream Team Running Back, 2008
All State Special Mention, 2008