Goosen2009 Woman of the Year

Louise Goosen


Lou is a graduate of Coopersville HS and has been an Accountant/Payroll supervisor for most of her working career.  She is currently employed by Kenowa Hills Public Schools.

Lou started working on athletic fund raising for all sports in Coopersville in the late 70’s.

Lou’s involvement has always been marked by her service and encouragement to players and parents alike, leading to her nickname,  “Mother Goose.”  Lou has made signs and banners, worked at Las Vegas nights, sewn quilts, and organized raffles and dinner-dances.  According to her husband Jerry,  “Lou was committed to running a great football program even before we got married 33 years ago.”  She has never wavered from that commitment, and in fact, talked Jerry into coaching again, even though he is now an administrator in the Ovid – Elsie Schools.

As Ovid-Elsie made their playoff run this season, Louise was (and is) in the midst of a battle with cancer.  But she continued to show the parents, players and coaches the same strength of commitment and great courage.  She willed the players to go on and be great – while giving her son, the senior quarterback, the will and courage to believe he could do it.