Taylor2010 Woman of the Year

Lora Taylor


Lora’s love of football began as a Jackson High School cheerleader. Later, she married Jim Taylor and they moved on to CMU.

Jim started the football program in 1964 at Onekama High School, and Lora became the cheerleading coach and did that for 24 years. She would sit in the stands and explain first downs, penalties and play-calling to the new football fans!

In 1966, Lora organized the first Homecoming Game at Onekama. They had never had a bonfire, a parade, a dance, or a queen!

As time went on, Lora organized the post-season team banquet, post-game activities and a Parent’s Day game, among many other duties. She missed one game in 47 years at Onekama.

Lora has a son, Jim, and a daughter Terri. Her three grandsons play football and her granddaughter is a cheerleader. She said, “My husband, my family and football are the most important things in my life.”