MerxMaxPreps072001 Crowley Award Winner

Larry Merx

At the Fall Meeting of the MHSFCA BoardofDirectors, Larry Merx was selected as the winner of the 2001 Crowley Award.
    The award was officially presented to Larry at the Clinic Luncheon in Battle Creek before a crowd of 600 coaches. The Crowley Award is presented annually to a person who has promoted high school football in the state of Michigan and also contributed to our Association.
    Larry is the 21st winner of the most prestigious award given by the M.H.S.F.C.A. and no one is more deserving. For the past twenty years he has continued to serve our Association and high school football in an unselfish and efficient manner.
    Tom Fagan coached Larry when he was a high school player at Tecumseh High School. Tom stated that, “He was a coach’s dream – intelligent, intense, quiet, with a tremendous work ethic and a fierce competitor.” Larry then coached for Tom for ten years and Tom had the following things to say about Larry. “He was one of the most outstanding coaches that I have ever worked with. He combines total dedication to the game of football with a genuine commitment to help young people grow and develop into outstanding citizens. Larry’s style is not flamboyant. In coaching and in his work with our Association, he works quietly in the background and does not seek credit or recognition for his efforts. I have heard it stated that Larry does not know what the letter “I” stands for. Only those who work with him realize the extent of his contributions and his value to our Association is unbelievable.
    Larry has coached for 30 years as a head coach and assistant at all levels. He is currently on staff at Ann Arbor Huron High School, and he has served our Association as First and Second Vice-President and as the Association’s 25th President. Whatever his role, he serves with the same level of commitment. His work and accomplishments for our Association are legendary. Fifteen years ago, he volunteered to collect, compile and input all of the data for the All Star Program. As a committee of one he has total responsibility for the All Star Program from start to finish. The year before he took over the All Star Program, a professional advertising team was in charge of this project and it resulted in a net profit of zero for our Association. Each year the printed All Star Program gets bigger and better and the 2000 All Star Program was 312 pages due to Larry’s efforts. On the day of the All Star Game, he and his wife head up the Sales Team to sell programs. Over the last 15 years, his efforts have raised nearly $500,000 which is a tremendous contribution to our Association.
Larry’s contributions, however, do not stop there. He is solely responsible since March of 1984 for the Association’s Newsletter which is published four times per year. He also compiles and prints all of the information and statistics for the All Star Selection Committee. As a member of the Hall of Fame Committee, he has printed name tags and arena signs, takes pictures of the inductees, and has even served as master of ceremonies for the banquet. Larry always does whatever it takes to promote our Association.
    Many coaches are worthy of the Crowley Award, but no one has contributed more time, energy or talent to the success of the MHSFCA.