Lewis, Juwan

2012 West #20

Juwan Lewis

Full Back

5’11″ 210

High School Coach: Shane Fairfield

High School, Class: Muskegon, A 

College: Eastern Michigan University


Juwan is the third youngest of eight siblings. His younger brother is Khari Wilcox-Lewis (13) and younger sister is Azeline Wilson (17). His older brothers are Jacoby (20), Anell (23), Rolando (29), Jaboris (26) and Jason (24). His older sister is Jade (19). Juwan’s father, Tracy A. Lewis was also one of his football and track coaches and was also a student specialist at his high school. His step mother, Nilda Palacio-Lewis, is an assistant principal at Glenside Elementary School. His biological mother is Terri Simmons. Juwan said, “All of these family members have supported, helped and loved me since I put on the pads and are very proud of my academic and athletic accomplishments.

Juwan has learned to enjoy the game of football “which I first thought was just a game of tag.” He also participated in basketball, track and swimming. His last year in basketball was his sophomore year. He swam as a junior but the team was cut in his senior season.

Juwan thanked, “my parents Nilda and Tracy Lewis. My brothers and sisters have given great support. I thank all my teachers in Muskegon Public Schools for teaching me andI thank my friends and teammates for their help. I especially thank Craig Hunter, Princton Duncan, Jake Mitchell, Mkal McKoy and other best friends for their support. Lastly, I thank our coaches and community for their spirit in the Big Red tradition.”