Dean, JordanAll Star 2010

Jordan Dean
6’1″ 265
High School Coach: Jeff Putnam
High School, Class: U of D Jesuit, A
College: Northwood University

Jordan’s football experience started with his freshman year. He was moved up to varsity towards the end of the year.  His sophomore and junior years “were tough because we failed to win a game but we were lucky enough to find a great coach in Jeff Putnam for my senior year.”     

Jordan also participated in varsity hockey all four years as well as lacrosse all four years and was on varsity for three.  Jordan was the Sergeant-At-Arms for the school’s Student Senate.  He also helped out with various service activities including Focus Hope food deliveries in Detroit. Jordan spent his Spring Break Sophomore year in South Carolina helping out with Habitat for Humanity.  He is also a member of the Youth Council for Angel’s Place, a charitable organization geared towards helping mentally challenged adults. 

Jordan said,  “First, I thank my parents for supporting me these last four years.  Whether it was buying new equipment or just coming to my games it meant a lot.  I thank my freshman football coaches, Randy and Bob, for helping me get started and teaching me the basic fundamentals of football.  I couldn’t have asked for better coaches.  I thank our athletic director Mickey Barrett for promising to find a coach that was good and had a track record for turning around programs.  Lastly, I thank all of the coaches at U of D for the many ways that they have helped me.  Thank you Coach Putnam for turning me into the best football player I could be and I hope I can become even better in college.  Thank you all.”


All League, 2009
All Catholic, 2009
All City, 2009
All State Honorable Mention, 2009

Dean, Jordan