Adediran,Jordan2010 All Star/West

Jordan Adediran
Defensive Line
6’2″ 282
High School Coach: Dick Mettlach
High School, Class: Gwinn, C
College: Northern Michigan University

Jordan started his football career in seventh grade at Gwinn Middle School.  During his high school football career he was a two year varsity player playing both sides of the ball as OT and DE. He was also a team tri-captain in his senior year.  In his junior year Jordan had a total of 43 tackles, 23 were solos and 6 were for a loss. In Jordan’s senior year, he had a total of 54 tackles, 29 solos, 6 for loss, two sacks, one hurry and one blocked pass. Jordan was named Lineman of the Year.

Jordan also played four years of basketball at Gwinn. This Modeltowners won the Mid-Pen conference and were district champions for the 2009-2010 season.

Jordan thanked, “God for giving me the strength and the opportunity to play football, my mother for supporting me in my choices and for keeping me in line, my grandfather for all of the support that he has offered through the years, and my family for everything they have done throughout the years to help me to succeed.” Jordan also thanked the Gwinn High School  coaching staff, especially Coach Mettlach “for pushing me through the years and for having the confidence in me to get me where I am today and encouraging me to play for the football team.” He thanked all of the people in the community who have supported him through the years. He gave a “special thank you” to all who helped fund both the East vs. West game and the U.P. all-star game.   “Without everyone’s support this special time in my life would not have been possible.”


All Conference Defensive End, 2008 & 2009
All Conference Offensive Tackle, 2009
Mid-Pen Conference Lineman of the year, 2009
All U.P. Dream Team Offensive Lineman, 2009
All U.P. Lineman of the Year, 2009

Adediran, Jordan