Volmerang2008 All Star East

Jason Volmering
6’2″  250 lbs.
High School Coach: Troy Schelke
High School, Class: Harbor Beach, C
College: Undecided

Jason’s football experience started “when I began to walk.” He played varsity footbal starting in his freshman year. In his sophomore year and again in his junior year, Jason earned All Greater Thumb Conference honors both offensively and defensively. During his senior season, he again earned All Conference, Most Valuable Defensive Player, Most Valuable Senior Lineman, and the Krueger Award. He was also named to the Division 7-8 Dream Team, and was a member of the 2007 Team of the Year coached by the 2007 Coach of the Year, Troy Schelke. In addion, Jason received the All Conference Scholar Athlete Award.

Jason also participated in basketball and baseball. He participates in the Harbor Beach Men’s and Minden City’s co-ed softball leagues, and plays volleyball every Monday night at the community house with a group from the Harbor Beach Community Hospital.

Jason thanked, “My family for supporting me all the way, especially my Mom and Dad. My parents came to every one of my games during high school, whether it was raining or snowing, they were there.” He thanked his mother’s brother, the late Pete Braun, “for teaching me almost all that I know about every sport.” He also thanked his dad’s brother, John Volmering, brother Matt, and cousin Derek Volmering for “being my role models. Watching them play throughout the years, either at the high school or college level has inspired me to be all that I can be in the game of football.”

All Greater Thumb Conference 1st Team Defense, 05, 06 & 07
All Greater Thumb Conference 2nd Team Offense, 2005
All Greater Thumb Conference 1st Team Defense, 06 & 07