Sherrod, Jerrod2008 All Star

Jarred Sherrod
5’9″ 180 lbs
High School Coach: Brett Foerster
High School, Class: Portage Central, A

Jarred began playing football when he was seven years old. This is when Jarred began making touchdowns. Throughout his Rocket Football years he averaged three touchdowns a game. His family always warned him it wouldn’t be as easy when he got older but he never stopped. Jarred broke the Portage Central rushing record in his sophomore year. His nickname when he was little was Hot-Rod Sherrod and it stuck.

Jarred also participated in track. He was the team captain for two years. He placed in the state meet in his junior and sophomore years.

Jarred thanked “all of the coaches throughout my years: Ken Popp, Dave Cheesebro, Brett Foerster, and Matt Gorham.” He also gave special thanks to his mother, grandmother, the entire Hutson and Kraft families for their support and dedication on and off the field.


All Conference 2nd Team, 2005
All Conference 1st Team, 06 & 07
All Area 1st Team, 2007
All State 1st Team, Detroit Free Press, 2007