GaryT2007 All Star Coach East

Assistant Coach Gary Templin
Allen Park High School

Gary graduated from Allen Park High School in 1973. He wrestled and played football while at Allen Park.

After graduation he got the opportunity to start coaching both football and wrestling on the 9th grade level. In 1982 he took over the varsity wrestling program and coached them until the 2000 season. In football he moved to the junior varsity football team during the 1979 season and coach the JV’s still.

He has been honored with the Assistant Coaches Award from the Michigan High School Coaches association in 1997. He also was honored this past year by being inducted into the Michigan High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame.

He has worked and lived in Allen Park for the past 45 years. During this time he was married for 27 years and raised two wonderful daughters. They also have spent many nights on the football fields and in the many gymnasiums.
“I have many memories in my years of coaching. I am very honored to be selected and looking forward to coaching in the All-Star Game.”