Dean, Gabe

2012 West #10

Gabe Dean


5’10″ 195

High School Coach: Noel Dean

High School, Class: Lowell, A

College: Cornell University


Gabe’s parents are David and Bethny Dean. He has a little brother, Max, in the eighth grade and a little sister, Cassie, in sixth grade. Max is also a football player and wrestler. Cassie is a basketball player and is involved in various clubs and activities throughout Lowell. She is also a very talented actress.

Gabe’s football experience playing for Lowell “has been quite the rollercoaster ride. Including the opportunity to play in three state championship games while at Lowell. The program and the community work together to produce a rich tradition that draws thousands of fans on Friday nights which makes the experience all the more special.”

Gabe said, “I wouldn’t trade the values and lessons I’ve learned in the Lowell program. For our coaches, it’s not just becoming a better football player but also becoming a better person. Through our Pink Arrow Project, I’ve played in three football games that have helped raise more than one million dollars for cancer. The Pink Arrow games are exceptional and truly humbling.”

Gabe was also a wrestler and will continue to wrestle for the Cornell University. He said, “Playing two sports through high school was very healthy and I have been presented with multiple opportunities, lessons, and values that will extend into college.”

Gabe thanked his family and “especially my parents for always being there for the ups and downs of both the wrestling and football seasons.” He also thanked “my grandpa who I threw my first pass to and inspired me to play quarterback because he was a quarterback in high school.” He thanked, “My grandma has also always been there for me and I am so grateful for her. Lastly, I’d like to thank my Uncle Noel who has brought out my full potential in the sport of football and has also taught me valuable lessons I will carry forever. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without him in my life.”


Male Athlete of the Year, Mid-Michigan Sports Magazine, 2011 

MVP Player of the Year, Channel 13, 2011 

Dream Team Quarterback and Captain, 2011

Dan Nameth, West Ml Officials Association, 2011

Finalist Male Athlete of the Year,

Detroit Athletic Club, 2011

Dream Team Academic Honor, 2011

1st team All State, 2010 & 2011

Division 1/2 Player of the Year, 2010