Evan Conn

2016 All Stars – West Team

Conn, Evan

Tight End

6’5″ 235

High School, Region: DeWitt, 9

High School Coach: Rob Zimmerman

College: Wayne State University

Evan is the son of Mark Conn and Kellie Leaver. He has an older sister, Averie (23), who graduated from the University of Tennessee and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Evan started playing tackle football in the fourth grade with the DeWitt Junior Panthers. In his Junior Panther years, he played guard, wide receiver and quarterback. In his freshman year he played with the junior varsity as a wide receiver and cornerback. As a junior and senior, he played wide receiver, tight end and defensive end. As a senior, Evan recorded 56 receptions for 801 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Evan also played four years of basketball in high school, three years on the varsity team.

Evan gave special thanks to his parents, Mark and Kellie and a big thank you to his older sister, Averie “for being the best role model a little brother could ask for.” Evan also thanked his AAU basketball coach, Tom Lewis, “for helping me shape myself into who I have become today.” Finally, Evan thanked his high school football coach, Rob Zimmerman, “for all the support and advice over the last few years.” Evan plans to play football at Wayne State University.