Lessner2007 Woman of the Year

Eileen Lessner


The first recipient of the Fran Herrington Award, Mrs. Eileen Lessner of Trenton, is a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy in Monroe and became a registered nurse with a degree from Providence Hospital. She has been married to Dr. Don Lessner for 44 years, and it was probably inevitable that Eileen found a way to become involved in high school football at the community and state level. She is particularly well known for the countless hours and days she has donated to projects involving this Association. Eileen is heavily involved in the preparation and operation of the All-Star Game and Hall of Fame Banquet, doing many jobs, including selling t-shirts and programs.
 Eileen has proof-read almost every document ever mailed out by this Association, and is instrumental in the mailing of the Newsletter and all correspondence the Association sends out. She has also taken on a variety of duties at the high school level during her husband’s coaching career.
 Eileen has also involved many of her five children and 18 grandchildren in the football projects she works on including the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic since it’s inception in Michigan.