2005 All Star East


Dontayo Gage

Wide Receiver

5’11″ 180 lbs.

High School Coach: Jim DeWald

High School: Pontiac Northern, A

College: Undecided


Dontayo  has played football since the age of eight. He started his career as a running back. At age 13 he began to play quarterback. In high school he was a three-year starter and led his team to the playoffs two out of three years. In his senior year he led the state in total yards racking up over 2500 yards. Dontayo said, “I don’t believe I was taught to play football I believe it was God given.”


In high school Dontayo played baseball, basketball, and track. He was also part of the senior advisors for the class of 2005 and volunteered as a tutor for elementary students.


Dontayo thanked, ” God because everything is possible through him. I also thank my family especially my mother and father. I thank my teammates and the person responsible for my wonderful senior year, head coach Jim DeWald.