Ruhlman, David

2012 West #3

David Ruhlman

Defensive Back

6’3’ 182

High School Coach: Kevin Townsend

High School, Class: Freeland, B

College: Northwood University


David was born and raised in Freeland where he enjoyed growing up with close friends, great fans and a supportive family. His parents, Jim and Dawn, never missed a game and his siblings Nicole, Matt and Joe were always there for him.   David’s grandparents also traveled to many of his games to see him play. He said, “I am very blessed to have such a supportive family.”

David’s football playing days started in fifth grade in the TVC Youth Football program. His team shared great success then, and that success carried through to his senior year at Freeland High.   Coach Townsend has built a program at Freeland High School that has shared many accomplishments over the past several years. David was fortunate to play on the varsity team as a sophomore where he played defensive back and running back and had the opportunity to play with big brother Joe who was a senior at the time.   His older brother Matt, who played for Alma College, taught him invaluable lessons in the weight room as David enjoyed many successes during his junior and senior years where he was team captain and received honors for offensive player of the year and MVP. As a senior David received first team All Conference honors for both a running back and defensive back as recognition for his talents as a two-way starter for the Falcons.

In addition to playing football, David participated in basketball for three years at Freeland High and track for two years. He served as captain in both sports.

David thanked his family and friends “for their tremendous support.” He also gave special thanks to Coach Townsend and the Freeland coaching staff for giving him the opportunity to play in a program that has shared so much success.   “God gave me talent and desire. On top of that, He blessed me with a supportive family and a great community” .

David has accepted an academic scholarship and a football scholarship from Northwood University.


TVC Central All Conference Running Back, 2011

TVC Central All Conference Defensive Back, 2011

 Saginaw Area Dream Team Defensive Back, 2011

Midland Area Dream Team Running Back, 2011

Special Mention All State Division 5, 2011