Sawicki, Daniel2009 All Star

Dan Sawicki
6’ 195 lbs.
High School Coach: Dave Schindler
High School, Class: Clintondale, A
College: Undecided

Dan’s football career started in seventh grade with the Mt.Clemens Barracudas.  As a freshman in high school he played linebacker on the junior varsity team. He started on the varsity as a linebacker as a sophomore. In his junior and senior years he was a starting linebacker and halfback.

Dan also started on the varsity baseball team since his freshman year.

“For all the success I have had in my life thus far and for being selected to play in this All Star football game I thank several people.  First, I thank God because without him none of this would be possible.  He has kept me healthy and fighting strong everyday.  I want to thank my family for always being supportive of me and never letting me settle for less than my best.  I love you guys and don’t know what I would do without you.  I also want to thank my friends because I could not ask for any better friends than the one’s I have.  They are the type of friends who bring the best out of you.  So all my friends, especially John Le and Phil Gides, thanks for always being there for me.  I thank my high school coaches for developing my skills and always putting me in the best positions to succeed.  I could not ask for better coaches. They kept me motivated on and off the field and they really know all about the game from top to bottom.” He also said, “My parents have been very influential on my life and without them I would not be on the path to success that I am.  They have always been so supportive of me and would do whatever it takes for me to give me the best possible life.  Each of my parents have taught me the importance of working hard and never giving up no matter what the circumstance is.”


All County Division 2, 3, & 4,
Macomb Daily, 06, 07, & 08
Dream Team Linebacker,
Macomb Daily, 06, 07, & 08
All Metro East 2nd Team,
Detroit News and Free Press, 2007
All Metro East 1st Team, Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, 2008
All State 1st Team, Detroit Free Press, 2008