Punches,Dakota2010 All Star/West

Dakota Punches
6’3″ 290
High School Coach: Irvin Sigler
High School, Class: Jenison, A
College: Grand Rapids Community College

    Dakota started playing football at the age of six and has loved it ever since.  “Dakota was not the natural athlete but, he worked very hard with the support of his family, teammates and coaches to become the successful football player that he is today.”  He was a two year starter for the Jenison Wildcats at the left tackle position.

    Dakota also has been invited to play in a football tournament for DownUnder sports in Australia this summer.  In addition to playing football, Dakota plays the cello in Jenison’s top two orchestras, Chamber and Symphony.  “Football pads in one hand and a cello case in the other.”

    Dakota thanked his family, friends and his football team for their support.   A special thanks was given to his coaches “who believed in me.” He said, “Thank you coaches Irv Sigler III, Irv Sigler II, Lenny Treece, Chad Sampo, and many others.”

Punches, Dakota4C