Halasz, Cody2006 All Star West

Cody Halasz
Full Back
6’1″ 230
High School Coach: Scott Cuthrell
High School: Cass City, B
College: Saginaw Valley State University

Cody learned his football skills very early in his life from his father. “Just about everyday he would take me out in the backyard to play catch with him. My first Christmas present was a football. I think the loudest fan at all my games would have been my dad. I could hear him no matter how loud the stands were. He always made me raise my hand when I could hear him.”

Cody was a four-year varsity player. He played both offense and defense. His freshman year he was given the Iron Man award for having been the hardest worker in the weight room. Cody was the team captain.

Cody was also a three-year starter in baseball and an all conference out fielder and was team captain. He also threw the shot in the spring for the track team.

Cody will play football for Saginaw Valley State University. He thanked his, “number one fans, my family.” He also gave a, “personal thanks to my dad for always being there for me during my sports and never missing a game. I also thank all my teammates for making my four years of high school a blast, I’ll never forget you guys. And finally I thank all my coaches, Scott Cuthrell, Josh Stern, Rich Jane, and Joe Langenburg for all the support they gave me over the years.”

Golden Helmet Winner, Advertiser, 2004
Greater Thumb Conference-West 1st Team Linebacker, 2005
GTW 1st Team Running back, 2005
All Area 1st Team Running Back, Saginaw News, 2005
All Advertiser 1st Team Running Back Bay City Dream Team Running Back, 2005
All State Running Back Honorable Mention, 2005