2011 Assistant Coach Jack Fairly

Jackson High School

Coach Jack Fairly will coach the offensive line for the West. Coach Fairly has coached 27 seasons and is the current head football coach at Jackson High School, a position he has held for the past eight seasons. Before Jackson football, Coach Fairly was an assistant at Bridgeport High School and Hartsville High School in South Carolina. Coach Fairly is an active member of the MHSFCA and a current member of the board of directors. In 1999, he was voted an Assistant Coach of the Year by the MHSFCA.  

A Jackson native, Coach Fairly is a Parkside High School graduate where he played football for hall of fame coach and past MHSFCA president David Driscoll. Coach Fairly received an education degree from Central Michigan University and recently earned a masters degree in education leadership from Concordia University. 

Coach Fairly is currently employed at Jackson High School where he teaches construction technology and computer aided design. He is engaged to Ms. Nancy Miller Rojas.