Shirar,WilliamAll Star East 2010

Chris Shirar
6’3″ 230
High School Coach: Tim Brandon
High School, Class: Grosse Pointe South, A
College: Western Michigan University

Chris played four years of football at Grosse Pointe South High School. He played multipl positions including: tight end, defensive end, offensive tackle, and nose tackle. He also played a little quarterback in his JV year due to some injures. The one thing he always did was kick and punt at every level. He said, “Football has not only been about winning and losing to me. I see it as an opportunity to compete at a very high level, with teammates by your side.”

Chris also played baseball for Grosse Pointe South High. He was a pitcher and played 1st and 3rd bases and catcher.
Chris said, “I thank my football coaches, especially  Tim Brandon and Rob Wozniak.