Cameron Wright

2016 All Stars – West Team

Wright, Cameron

Offensive Line

6’3″ 280

High School, Region: Grant, 3

High School Coach: Scott Keelean

College: North Central College

Cameron is the son of Lori Clouse and Charles Wright. He has one younger brother, Josh (17), and six older brothers: Chuck (21), Chad and Matt (30), Chris (32), Ed (41), and Billy (45).

Cameron started playing football in the second grade. He played center and defensive tackle most of his career. By his sophomore year of high school, he was a starting offensive lineman on varsity, playing nearly every position on the line and earning athletic accolades by the end of the season. His junior year he earned the title “Captain” and kept it into his senior year. He earned many awards throughout his career and is looking forward to playing in college.

While not playing football, Cameron was a peer coach in middle school. He was also a member of many clubs, including student council, youth group, Fellowship for Christian Athletes, and 4-H. He spends much of his time volunteering in his community through the local retirement home. He also participated in other sports while in high school, including wrestling, track and field and powerlifting. He also spends much of his time coaching youth wrestling and football.

Cameron thanked his parents, “For constantly supporting and believing in me, and especially my mom for all the time she put into the things I love.” He gave a “huge thanks to all of my older brothers for showing me the game of football and to my little brother for never letting me give up.” Cameron said, “I especially thank Coach Powell for believing in my dreams and helping me reach them. If it wasn’t for Coach Powell, I would never be the man that I am now.” He ended by saying, “I thank my community, athletic boosters, coaches, teammates, and everyone else who helped make my dreams possible.”