McInerny, BrianOV2008 All Star West

Brian McInerney
6’6″ 290 lbs
High School Coach: Bill Murray
High School, Class: Brighton, A
College: Wayne State University

Brian was a two-year starter for the Bulldogs. In those two years he played all positions on both sides of the offensive line. In his senior year he settled in as the starting center. At Center he received Offensive MVP and team MVP, All Kensington Valley Conference, All Academic KVC 1st Team, All Metro North, 1st Team All County and the team’s Iron Man Award.

Brian started playing football in third grade in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada, through the Niagara Football Association. He played in a league with a mix between Canadian and American rules and excelled in the little league until he moved to the United States in 2004. “Here is where the love for the game pushed me through the very new and intense high school ball.”

“For a big kid, Brian happens to be a very fast swimmer.” He was invited to join the swim team his freshman year and has competed at the varsity level since. “Being a state swimmer and football player isn’t the easiest thing to do, but working hard to achieve his goals is something Brian does best.”

Brian thanked his family and friends along with his teammates for, “supporting me in all my ambitions and dreams.” He said, “Most importantly I thank my coaches throughout the years for teaching me life lessons as well as lessons on the field.” Brian will play football at Wayne State University in September and hopes to pursue a career in medicine.

All Kensington Valley Conference, 2007
All Academic KVC, 2007
All Metro North 1st Team, 2007
All County 1st Team, 2007