Harris, Branden2008 All Star East

Branden Harris
Wide Receiver
5’11″  170 lbs.
High School Coach: John Guzzardo
High School, Class: Detroit Loyola, D
College: Undecided

In 1998, Branden played for the Detroit Dragons on the D-Team. One of the coaches, Earl Shakespeare, started his own organization called the Detroit Vikings.

Brendon continued to play for him for the next six years of PAL. After PAL, Brendon attended Loyola High School, “a school of brotherhood that welcomed me with open arms.” He started on the varsity team for Loyola in his sophomore year and continued to play through his senior year. He said, “I worked hard and played hard my whole life. Great things happened in the end because of it.”

Brendon earned All League, All Catholic and All State as a senor.

All League, 2007
All Catholic, 2007
All State, 2007