Millis, Brad

2012 West #66

Brad Millis

Defensive Line

6’4″ 210

High School Coach: Cary Harger

High School, Class: Oakridge, B 

College: Undecided


Brad said, “My family has played a huge role in the success I’ve had as a football player. My father played a few years of football in middle school and regretted not having continued. As a consequence he encouraged me to stay with it and accomplish my full potential. Eventually I came around and embraced every second of my football experience.”

Brad started playing football, “at the ripe old age of five playing mini-mites. From then on, I was hooked not by the long grueling practices but by the 48 minutes I got to lay the lumber on Saturday mornings.” In his senior year Brad was faced with the choice to “make 20 bucks an hour or practice all summer to hopefully see a glimpse of the playoffs.” He chose football and said, “I never imagined I would be sitting here today writing a biography about my football career, let alone being honored all state in the two positions I play.”

Brad also participated in track, baseball and basketball. He ran track up until the age of 12, basketball throughout middle school and baseball until 10th grade, at which point he focused his attention on football “because it was what I loved.”

Brad thanked his family members for “being there to support me along the way.” He thanked Coach Harger, Coach Danicek, Coach Parker, Coach Schugars, Coach Kiesgan and Zack Larabee, for “pushing me to become the man I am today.”


All State, 2011