Anagoyne, Athan2006 All Star

Athan Anagonye
Defensive Line
6’2″ 235 lbs.
High School Coach: Scott Merchant
High School: U of D Jesuit, A
College: Wayne State University

Athanasius began playing football at the age of 12 with the Huntington Bulldogs, a city league team. He went undefeated for his first two years of football before going to high school. Once he reached high school, he played many positions: wide receiver, running back, linebacker, tight end, fullback, defensive line, offensive line and special teams. When he joined the varsity team his junior year, he began to play defensive tackle and offensive tackle. In his senior year, he had 34 tackles (9 for losses), 6 sacks and 1 blocked field goal. He was one of the driving forces on the defense and won the teams MVP on defense.

Athanasius gave special thanks to Coach Merchant and the rest of the U of D coaching staff for believing in him and encouraging him to push for the best. He also thanked the sports writers and media for the credits and for their acknowledgment of his accomplishments throughout his high school career.

All League, 2005
All Catholic, 2005
All City 1st Team, Detroit News, 2005
All Metro 1st Team, Detroit Free Press, 2005
All State Division 2 1st Team, Detroit News, 2005
Blue Chip List #34, Detroit News, 2005