LeggettPIX2007 All Star West

Ashton Leggett
Tail Back
5’11″ 225 lbs.
High School Coach: Tony Annesee
High School: Muskegon, A
College: Michigan State University

Ashton started playing football at the age of seven with the Port City Football Club. During his junior year, he made All Conference. During his junior year he scored 23 touchdowns. His senior year was his most productive year. He scored 24 on the ACT, was voted Co-MVP, was selected to the All Area, All Conference, All State teams and was named to the State of Michigan Football Dream Team. Ashton completed his senior year of football at Muskegon setting the touchdown record, 35, and the rushing record, 2,021 yards. He also led Muskegon to the Division 2 Class A 2006 State Championship.

Ashton credits “God for his academic and athletic success. It was God’s anointing and favor that brought me success. All praises go to God.” He gave a, “a special thanks to Tee Tee, Aunt Thelma, who has shown unconditional love throughout my life; my mom, Corey, Khordrese; Mackenzee; Aunt Betty; cousins, Shawn and J’Nae; Uncle Larry; Aunt Phyllis; Ellie; and God parents for being supportive and encouraging.” He gave “special thanks to the Muskegon Big Red football team and the coaching staff for, “their untiring guidance and expertise and to the fans I say thank you.”


All Conference, 2005 & 2006
All Area, 2006
All State, 2006
All State Dream Team, Detroit Free Press, 2006